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With a fourteen-year operational background supporting over twenty years of consulting experience, Bill Hopping has consistently provided clients with honest, straightforward, market oriented advice.

Our services are individually tailored to your needs. We are a boutique-style firm where you work with the principal and directly benefit from his experience.

Our primary services include:

Real Estate Appraisal:
Bill Hopping has been appraising hotels and other hospitality assets for over twenty years. His experience through all phases of economic cycles brings a level of depth to the appraisal process that enables lenders to confidently and accurately underwrite their loans. The appraisal is also used to determine sales prices, evaluate property taxes, and in dispute resolution. Bill is a designated member of the Appraisal Institute (MAI).

Market Demand Studies:
All our hotel and other hospitality appraisals include a detailed market demand analysis. Market demand studies can also be developed as stand-alone documents for assessing market and product potential. This is a logical first step when developers want their products tailored for maximum profitability. Market demand studies are the basis for full feasibility studies.

Market Position Studies:
Economic cycles and the simple passing of time influence a hotel's ability to capture the most profitable demand. Market position studies analyze the possibilities of cost-effectively reorienting the product and your target marketing to maximize profitability.

Facility Programming:
Market studies are used to develop architectural programs, which are the meat of facility and amenity development as well as space planning and allocation. This in turn leads to increased profitability. This saves on architectural fees and ultimately results in smoother operations and financially sounder investments.

Impact Studies:
While referral systems can be responsible for up to forty percent of your business, the addition of another like-branded product to your market can seriously erode your market share. By analyzing the potential incremental impact on exiting hotels, these studies help both the hotel owner and the referral source balance brand development with the success of the individual hotels.

Property Tax Appeals:
Municipal taxes are frequently viewed as a fixed cost, but annual tax monitoring and timely appeals can substantially improve your bottom line. We can facilitate your monitoring and appeals process, and produce the documentation necessary to effectively present your position.

Dispute Resolution
Mr. Hopping has completed training in arbitration, mediation and Issue Review Boards with the Institute of Conflict Management of Santa Monica, California. Arbitration and mediation can be considerably more cost and time effective than the court system, and more free your resources to return to your core business.

Litigation Support:
Our experience with a broad range of hospitality consulting issues qualifies us to aid in dispute resolution, either inside or outside the courtroom. We can serve in an advisory capacity or as an expert witness, working closely with legal counsel.

Expert Witness:

As an expert in the hospitality industry we speak to issues surrounding hotel and hospitality management and operation, addressing issues including including accounting, liquor liability, security, franchise compliance, accessibility.

Asset Management and Receivership:
In asset management situations we can serve as an owner's representative. Our role is to assure that your the daily operating practices of your hotel are being effectively supervised, and that long-range and strategic planning issues are being effectively addressed. This is a cost-effective service designed to result in bigger bottom lines.

Receivership is similar to asset management in terms of daily operating practice supervision. However, receivership is entered into through court appointment, with the receiver being responsible to the court, and charged with balancing the interests of the disputing parties through stabilizing and supervising the asset.

As a boutique firm, we review your needs and concerns, and develop a game plan to address those specific issues. If some of your particular needs are beyond our areas of expertise, or if we feel additional resources would benefit you, we can develop a custom-made consulting team especially for your assignment. Alternatively, we are pleased to refer you to the appropriately qualified firms or individuals.

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