Hotel Consultants & Hospitality Industry Appraisers


Bill Hopping is a member of
International Society of Hospitality Consultants

W.R. Hopping & Company is a nationally recognized hospitality industry consulting and appraisal firm. From its Denver base, it has performed consulting and appraisal work on hospitality oriented operations in over 20 states across the country. While the majority of this work has been on lodging operations, the company is also prepared to do analysis of and consulting to restaurants, spas and clubs as well.

The firm's consulting capabilities include:

  • Hotel Appraisal
  • Hotel Market Demand Studies
  • Hospitality Industry Market Position Studies
  • Hospitality Industry Facility Programming
  • Hospitality Industry Feasibility Studies
  • Hospitality Industry Impact studies
  • Hospitality Industry property tax appeal
  • Hospitality Industry Litigation Support Services
  • Hospitality Industry Asset Management
  • Hospitality Industry Receivership
  • Hospitality Industry Dispute Resolution
  • Other hospitality consulting services
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